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Aviator sunglasses, or "pilot's glasses", were originally developed in 1936 by Ray-Ban for pilots to protect their eyes while flying. Aviators were given their name due to their original intention of protecting aviator's eyes. Ray-Ban began selling the glasses to the public a year after they were developed. The Ray-Ban Aviator became a well-known style of sunglasses when General Douglas MacArthur landed on the beach in the Philippines in World War II, and photographers snapped several pictures of him wearing them. From their pragmatic beginnings offering airman protection from the sun, Ray-Bans quickly became part of American fashion and popular culture. Army Air Corps pilots instantly took to the sunglasses, earning Ray-Bans the moniker "Aviator Glasses" -- a term which now describes all sunglasses with designs that are similar to the original Ray-Ban. A few years later, Ray Ban proposed to sell the RB Aviator to non-flying civilian population, as a result, receiving great popularity. Meanwhile, many different companies started to make their own Aviator sunglasses. They tried to compete with the RB Aviator, however, the high quality and experience help the Ray Ban Aviator sunglasses to be the top one for long times. It would take numerous pages to list all the celebrities who wear the Ray Ban Aviator sunglasses, like the Brad Pitt, Michael Jackson, Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr, and later use by celebrities in films like Top Gun, where Val Kilmer, Anthony Edwards, and Tom Cruise and so on. The movie Top Gun supported by Tom Cruise is a very important turn for RB Aviator. The world most famous star promoted the most widely liking of the Aviator sunglasses. Till now, the advanced technologies in eyewear making have changed the shapes, materials, and even colors of the Ray Ban Aviator sunglasses. The inherent spirits still last, and will forever last. Ray Ban Aviator sunglasses are doomed to be the most classic sunglasses in history.

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Ray Ban Aviator sunglasses are doomed to be the most classic sunglasses in history. quote-right

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